Yutong New Energy Bus accounted for 40% of market share in the first half of the year

In the first half of this year, Yutong’s new energy passenger cars accounted for about 40% of the market. Its hybrid bus fuel saving rate exceeds 10% of its competitors. In terms of technology research and development, Yutong continues to maintain a relatively high proportion of investment, and has invested about 3.6 billion yuan to build a production base for energy-saving and new energy passenger cars. The first phase of new energy base has reached design capacity, and has established professional sales of new energy buses. team.

On the afternoon of July 31st, Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. held an investor online exchange meeting. Yu Bo, general manager of Yutong, Yu Hui, Dong Mi and other board members answered questions from investors and revealed the above information. They said that compared to traditional markets, the new energy industry, especially new energy buses, performed well. The company raised a total of about 2.2 billion yuan in equity allotment in 2012 for the construction of energy-saving and new energy bases. The company has invested about 1.4 billion yuan since then. There are funds to build the second phase of the energy-saving and new energy base. The first phase has been put into operation in December 2012, and the second phase will be put into production in the fourth quarter of this year.

Recently, Yutong’s stock price fluctuates greatly and it has fallen more in the past two days. As of press time at 11 am on August 1, Yutong's stock price rose 0.29% to close at 17.36 yuan.

Talking about subsidies for new energy buses, Yu Li said that subsidies for 5,000 hybrid buses that have been promoted throughout the country in the first quarter of this year have not yet been implemented. The new energy buses currently sold by Yutong are all buses, and the plans for the second half of the year still require the introduction of relevant national policies. The new subsidy policy has not come out yet. In the short term, it will have a greater impact on Yutong New Energy bus sales. In view of the development of the new energy automobile market today, Yu Li believes that there is still need for policy support and cultivation.

At present, the elimination of yellow-label vehicles and the restoration of the national high-speed rail all have a certain impact on the passenger car market. Yutong said that the elimination of yellow-labeled vehicles from yellow-labeled vehicles is positive for the industry as a whole, but the specific results are difficult to quantify due to different scales of implementation. High-speed rail mainly has a greater impact on passenger transport above 400 km, but it also increases the turnover of shorter lines. With the balanced development of the national economy and the country as a country with a large population, Yutong continues to be optimistic about the passenger car market.

Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. is a large-scale modern manufacturing enterprise that integrates R&D, manufacturing and sales of passenger cars. According to statistics from Zhongke.com, Yutong’s domestic passenger car market share is approximately 27% to 28%. one. After entering the field of new energy buses, Yutong Bus quickly became one of the largest car manufacturers with new energy buses.

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