Wuhan Workers' Elevator Crashes 19 People Killed

Wuhan site elevator crashed 19 people died in the elevator elevator alarm alarm Diesel Generator | diesel generator price / 2012-09-14

Yesterday (13th), on the construction site of the Yangtze River Erqi Bridge and Joy Avenue in Wuhan, Hubei, a manned elevator suddenly fell from the 30th floor, killing 19 people. This event once again pushed elevator safety issues to the spotlight.
Yesterday afternoon, in Wuhan Donghu Scenic Area, “East Lake Garden” construction site, a construction lift climbed to the top floor and fell. During the fall, the lift was about 100 meters above the ground. The accident caused the 19 workers in the lift to fall down with the ladder and all died on the spot. A reporter found that the usage period indicated on the use registration board of the lift was in June this year and the lift has exceeded the limited period. In addition, the registration card indicated that the authorized number of elevators was 12 people, and there were 19 workers in the lift on the scene of the accident, which was obviously overloaded. After the accident, the Hubei provincial government attached great importance to it. Provincial party committee secretaries, governors and other leaders came to the scene to check the accident at the first time and set up an investigation team to demand that the responsibility of the responsible units and responsible persons be rigorously investigated. The circular was issued to require the organization of overnight safety inspections on the construction site within the province of Hubei to ensure the safety of the construction project.
Recently, elevators of various brands and various brands have caused fatal accidents. According to statistics, among the factors that lead to elevator safety hazards, manufacturing quality accounts for 16%, installation problems account for 24%, and maintenance and use problems are as high as 60%. This is exactly the same as the saying that the elevator industry is popular with women and children. Product, seven points by maintenance." However, in our country, most elevators have less maintenance and less maintenance. Maintenance issues have become a major hidden danger to the safety of elevator operations. The serious lag in domestic elevator standards is also one of the most important causes of accidents. Many companies implement the "internal and external differences" policy in elevator production. If products are exported to foreign countries, they will be produced strictly according to the "new European standard" standard; if sold to the domestic market, they will still be produced according to the standards of a decade ago. The production mode of “seeing people under the dish” also deserves special attention and measures must be taken to correct them.
Some experts have said that if we want to build a "security shield" for elevators, first of all, we must maintain our position in terms of maintenance and strictly enforce the nation's existing public policies. At the same time, we must break the policy of "being differentiated internally and externally." Foreign standards produce elevators. In particular, it is imperative to apply the “fix” of the mandatory elevator scrapping system as soon as possible, so that neutral third-party testing organizations may regularly perform elevator safety assessments, and never allow extended “serviceable elevators” to serve, let alone “renovate elevators”.
China Elevator Industry Association statistics show that currently there are about 1.63 million elevators in operation in China, which is the country with many elevators in the world. According to the estimation of the average elevator life span of 20 years, China has entered an important period of elevator aging. Cars, TVs, etc. all have deadlines for scrapping, but straight ladders that are often overworked have to stick to their "posts." Xing Lei, deputy director of the Beijing Bureau of Quality Supervision, said that the relevant departments are currently discussing, and the Beijing Bureau of Quality Supervision has begun to proceed with substantial progress in this area. Beijing is about to publish the "drafting criteria for key components of traction elevators". The so-called traction elevators are also common straight ladders. Xing Lei said that through the setting of these standards, supplemented with technical inspection methods, the safety of elevators within “lifetime” will be improved, and the requirements for the normal disposal of elevators will be fulfilled. The retirement of vehicles such as buses and taxis is the same as the retirement of private cars. By then, the public service elevators will be different from the mall ladders and there will be different standards for discarding the vehicles. At the same time, Xing Lei also revealed that the relevant departments will also study the criteria for discarding elevators in public areas, including escalators, so as to prevent these overloaded elevators from "fatigue" operations.
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