Why are the same appearance of the security inspection machine at different prices?

Often customers have asked the same specifications of security inspection machines, the same appearance, why the price is so different?
Let's give an example to illustrate:
Take the LY5030A and LY5030C for comparison. The size of the detection channels of the two models is the same (width 500mm*height 30mm). The technical principle of detection is the same. X-rays penetrate the scanned object. , then show the shape and color of the item. Operating software is the same through the keyboard, mouse operation;
The biggest difference between the 5030 A and C machines is the following three points:
The first is that the core X-ray source is different. The A-type radiation power is 80KV, and the C-type is 140KV. It also represents the difference in penetration. 5030A security inspection machine can penetrate 8-13mm stainless steel plate, 5030C can penetrate more than 41mm stainless steel plate.
The second is that the detection accuracy is not the same, LY5030A can be 0.101 metal wire, LY5030C can distinguish 0.0787 metal wire.
The third is based on the difference of the X light source, and the imaging angle is not the same. The 5030A security inspection machine is single-energy imaging. The single-energy X-ray imaging can only be imaged by different attenuation of the radiation. It is not able to distinguish the difference in density, so the display is different. The color of the image is not so rich and obvious. The 5030C security inspection machine is a dual-energy imaging device. The displayed items are more colorful and more layered, and the difference between organic matter, inorganic matter, and mixtures is more clear. The spectrum generated by dual-energy X-rays has two bands with two central values. The single energy has only one band, one center value.
In addition there are control boards, roller motors, conveyor belts, power systems, etc. all have different configurations. To give a simple and vivid metaphor, it is like to a computer with a computer city, the same appearance of a chassis, the configuration inside is different, The cheapest may be as long as a thousand, but the most expensive can reach tens of thousands of pieces (for example, a computer with game enthusiasts allocated 30,000 yuan is normal).
Based on the above comparison, we can see the difference between the two security inspection machines. Friends can match according to their own requirements.

The air compressor is a mechanical device that compresses the volume of the gas and increases the pressure of the gas and delivers the gas. It can reduce the volume of the gas, increase the pressure, and have a certain kinetic energy, which can be used as mechanical power or other purposes.

Since the compressed high-temperature gas and high-temperature oil play the role of transmission power and power source in the air compressor, for the safe and benign operation of the air compressor, high-efficiency heat dissipation of the high-temperature gas and oil is required plate-fin heat exchange. It is widely used in air compressors with the advantages of high pressure resistance and large heat dissipation power per unit volume. We offer standard coolers or special custom cooler solutions for current different cubic air compressors, ensuring that the air compressors work long hours.

1. Blowing air: tire filling, blow molding, blowing, blowing, food filling, etc.
2. Control instrument: machining center, machine tool, printing machine, power plant auxiliary equipment control, train brake, rail change and change device, vehicle door and window opening and closing, control valve, instrument power, etc.
3. Drive equipment: air guns, nail guns, robots, pneumatic drills, pneumatic picks, etc.
4. Surface spraying: metal surface sandblasting, surface painting, etc.
5. Dust transportation: coal powder transportation in power plant smelting plant, dust transportation in cement plant, etc.
6. Pressurization: metal casting, forging, etc.
7. Chemical reactions: Chemical reactions in chemical plants, oxygen production, nitrogen production, etc.
8. Purging: power plant pipeline cleaning, smelting plant, mechanical processing plant iron filings, dust cleaning, workbench cleaning and other ventilation, tunnels, mine ventilation.
9. Aircraft manufacturing: spray washing machine, demoulding, driving assembly tools, drilling rigs, steam hammers, lifting hoists, combination knives, reamer, rivet guns, screwdrivers, forging hammers, metal forming presses, sand blasting, painting.
10. Spraying machine: spray washing machine, driving assembly tool, lifting hoist, pneumatic control, forging workshop, sheet metal workshop.
11. Beverage factory: bottle washing machine, canning machine, internal spraying of wine barrels, gas for food industry.
12. Cement manufacturing: storage ventilation, cement slurry mixing, cement bag cleaning and sealing, raw material mixing, dump truck, cleaning equipment, clinker cooling, conveying cement and coal, cement kiln cleaning, vehicle loading and unloading, lifting and lifting devices, pneumatic control.
13. Thermal power plants: blowing air to clean pipes, blowing off soot, clear boiler and condenser pipes, jet cleaning, conveying coal powder, removing muddy water, and pneumatic control.
14. Hydropower plants: engine control, ship lock maintenance, drive controller, drive lubrication pump, drive ship lock, start control, cleaning garbage net.
15. Food industry (general application): stirring liquid, fermentation tank gas (oxygen), nozzle cleaning equipment, clear container with nozzle, conveying raw materials, food dehydration, filtration.
16. Forging workshop: blowing oxide scale, furnace door air curtain, lifting hoist and lift, driving bending and straightening machine, driving clutch brake and clamping device, driving forging hammer and driving oil burner.
17. Foundry workshop: hot metal positioning, cleaning equipment, conveying sand, driving pneumatic tools, sanding machine, grinder, lifting hoist and lift, pneumatic pick, steel brush, sandblasting, sand screening, spray core.

In summary, the industries used for compressed air include machinery, automotive, electronics, electric power, metallurgy, mining, construction, building materials, petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, textile, environmental protection, military and other industrial and civil production and life. each field.

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