What should you pay attention to when testing and mineral processing?

Through the beneficiation test, you can fully understand the nature of the ore and provide more favorable guidance and assistance for later geological prospecting.

Through the beneficiation test, it can provide a basis for the design and construction of the concentrator. The ore of different regions is ever-changing in nature, and its beneficiation process and process conditions are also different. Therefore, before each development of an ore, it is necessary to carry out a beneficiation test, and it is not possible to simply apply the process of other selected plants. Only through the beneficiation test can the best process be determined and the best mineral quality and recovery rate be obtained. At the same time, through the beneficiation test, it is also possible to select the most reasonable equipment for the construction of the plant, and find the best balance between input, cost, index and economic benefit, thereby reducing the production cost after the initial investment and production, and maximizing the economic benefits of the mine. Reduce the waste of resources in the mine. It can even be said that after the determination of mine resource conditions, the ore dressing test is the key to the good or bad of the mine and the survival of life and death.

Through the beneficiation test, it provides a direct scientific basis for the transformation of existing concentrating plants, and solves many problems such as low concentrate grade, high impurity content, low recovery rate, high production cost and improper equipment selection.

Please don't think of technology when the mine is losing money!!! Have you done the ore dressing test?

2. When is the mineral processing test?

Before verifying the purchase, verify whether the ore is profitable

Before the geological survey, reduce the risk of geological input, whether it has the necessary investigation

Before applying for a mining license, it is required by the land and resources department, handling the requirements of the EIA report, and constructing the feasibility report.

Detailed beneficiation test research before establishment to determine the best investment cost of the best process flow

Determining the best equipment choice for the mine design, ensuring the best product solution, providing the final recovery rate, and determining how the process is adjusted

Change in ore properties to determine process adjustment plan to reduce economic losses

When the product fails

When the recovery rate is low

When the cost is high

Backwater use

When determining the manufacturer

Every year of production, determine the mineralization of the ore, the quality of the pesticide, the operation of the workers, and the management

Third, what types of tests should be done

1. Simple exploration of mineral processing test - before the purchase of mineral rights, meet the investment analysis and reduce the initial value assessment of investment risk.

2. Feasibility test of ore - It is used for detailed geological analysis and analysis, to meet the evaluation certificate, and to determine the reasonable process and reasonable process indicators.

3, system process test - practically used before the construction of the plant, meet the design finalization, find the law to determine the best process indicators.

4, technical research and research - the use of mine disaster technology is unsolved, to meet the improvement of efficiency, product failure to recover low cost and high time.

5, process flow verification test - the actual use of ore properties comparison, to meet the choice of pharmaceutical plants, the mine has different ores to determine the adaptability.

6, process flow test - practically used to produce the factory, to meet the current factory investigation, the selection of factory physical examination analysis and plant selection.

Fourth, what do minerals and petrochemicals do?

1, determine the type of ore ---- need to do spectral analysis and rare element test.

2, to identify the specific nature of the ore - need to do multi-element analysis to determine the content of valuable and harmful elements.

3, to find out the relationship between minerals in the ore, content and composition - the need to do rock ore identification has important guiding significance for mineral processing.

4. Determine the specific existence form and distribution of elements in the ore. It is necessary to do phase analysis and have guiding significance for mineral processing.

5, concentrate, tailings test --- need to do valuable elements and harmful elements.

6, the original ore and concentrate water, the proportion of ore is determined - the actual measurement of mineral processing.

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