What are the startup methods for refrigerator compressors?

The refrigeration of the refrigerator mainly depends on the compressor, but what way does the compressor start? First, single-phase motors for refrigerator compressors can be classified into impedance split phase start (RSIR), capacitor start (CSIR), and capacitor start capacitor operation (CSR) due to different starting methods.
Technical explanation: What are the startup methods of the refrigerator compressor?
(1) Impedance split phase startup mode of operation
The stator winding of the compressor motor is an inductive coil, and the impedance is different because the wire diameter and the number of turns of the running winding and the starting winding are different. When the two windings are connected to the AC circuit, the current lag voltage of 90° in the running winding will produce two different inductive values, although the two windings are in phase 50Hz alternating current, and on the two windings The current and voltage values ​​of different phase differences are generated, and the phase separation of the resistors is generated to generate the starting torque. When the motor speed reaches 70%~80% of the rated speed, the starting winding disconnects the starting winding circuit under the control of the starting relay, and only the running winding drives the motor to run.
(2) Capacitor startup type working principle
The compressor motor capacitor starting circuit is similar to the impedance phase splitting start circuit. The difference is that a 220V, 45~100μF capacitor is connected in series in the starting winding to increase the phase difference of the circuit and the starting torque is also followed. Increased, the starting current is reduced, greatly improving the starting characteristics of the circuit.
(3) Working principle of capacitor starting and capacitor running
The starting circuit of the capacitor-starting, capacitor-operated compressor motor is different from the capacitor-starting circuit in that a small-capacity capacitor is connected in parallel with the starting relay and the starting capacitor. When the starting process is completed, the starting capacitor is cut off from the circuit. After that, the starting winding is still in parallel with the running winding, so that the starting winding can withstand a portion of the motor load, thereby increasing the efficiency of the motor.

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