Weihai COSCO Sea Shield Ballast Water System Workshop Inspection Approved

Recently, Weihai Zhongyuan Shipbuilding Technology Co., Ltd. obtained a new order from a well-known Greek shipping company and will install the COSCO Sea Shield (BOS) ballast water system on its class NK. After more than a month of preparation, on December 13, Weihai COSCO Technology conducted workshop inspection for the BOS ballast water management system to be installed on the ship, and invited Greek shipowners, shipyards and China Classification Society (CCS) personnel. Participated together and finally won the praise of the three parties.
The model to be tested is BOS05–700X2. The inspection is carried out in an orderly manner according to the original process, from the valve switch to the UV lamp, and then to the system alarm detection. Throughout the process, the inspectors rigorously and conscientiously demonstrated the reliability, intelligence and technology of the COSCO ballast water management system, and finally consistently praised them.
The signing and successful testing of this order once again shows that COSCO Sea Shield Ballast Water System has won high recognition and recognition from the industry. Its mature and high-end processing technology has reached the international leading level and has the advantage in the competition of world famous brands. Gradually, it is of great significance for entering the European market.

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