The Tire King's First Tire Carnival set off the audience

On May 15, 2015, the 6th China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire & Auto Accessories Exhibition kicked off. As the highlight of this tire show, the 1st Tire Carnival was launched with “Shake it, Millions of Red Packets Shake” "Weaving soft" as the theme of WeChat shaking the surrounding interactive activities detonated the scene.

The first tire carnival scene
The first tire carnival scene

The first tire carnival is a marketing campaign initiated by the tire king tire e-commerce platform. The tire king joined hands in voucher technology in Shandong's first "airdrop red envelopes", which created a precedent for the use of WeChat to shake peripheral technology in traditional manufacturing activities. King Titus used the coupons for over-the-air soaring vouchers to stage a “Millions of Red Packets from the Sky” event screen. The drone was carrying a palm voucher and cloud box and launched a Bluetooth signal. The viewer turned on the Bluetooth mobile phone and clicked on the WeChat to shake it around. Won the red envelope sent by the tire king, the merchants and distributors who participated in the “Run! Tire King” micro-event received many major awards such as the iPhone 6, 4G mobile phone, travel bag, and commemorative T-shirt. By shaking the peripheral experience mode, it shows that the fetal king vertical e-commerce platform pays attention to the user's participation, experience and feelings, emphasizing the interaction between the enterprise and the user, the Internet + image and the extraordinary user experience.

Tire King Waters Wechat Rocking Red Scene
Tire King Waters Wechat Rocking Red Scene

The WeChat shake red envelope event blew up the entire Guangrao International Tire Exhibition. Participants stopped and participated in the enthusiasm. They picked up the mobile phone, scanned the WeChat King WeChat QR code, and paid attention to the official WeChat, waiting for a surprise! Ten thousand people Hi turned the audience.

The relevant person in charge of the tire king said that at the scene of the carnival is also intimately prepared for the leisure water, the audience free of charge, aims to provide a cool tour for participants in the hot summer. As the only technology service provider and over-the-air vouchers technology developer, Weixuan Technology as the conference's WeChat will provide support for the 5.15 Tire Carnival.

Interactive scene
Interactive scene

This WeChat red envelope marketing campaign has become a case of the application of seamless marketing of China's airborne Bluetooth devices and terrestrial mobile phone applications in traditional manufacturing industries. It has created a precedent for the application of mobile Internet marketing activities in traditional manufacturing industries to ignite the first China. Tire Carnival.

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  • Screen material: polyurethane (PU).
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