The six driving skills summarized in the oilfield under the gray car

Oilfield under the ash car bulky, is a heavy cargo vehicle, in the actual operation of many years, summed up a lot of driving skills, today the oil field under the ash car to introduce six kinds of practical driving skills.
1. How to turn into a narrow door?
First, visually check if you can get in. Don't bend against obstacles near the door, and try to reduce the angle of the turn.
2. How do I prevent the "insertion" of the side car on the uphill and on the bridge?
Adhere to “walk your own way” and ignore others. If you keep the middle of the road, keep the center of the vehicle; if you are in the middle lane, you will be centered outside, so that other vehicles will not be easy to insert. To maintain a considerable distance, prevent the car before the car.
3. How to "embed" the car in the middle of a row of cars?
Use the reverse parking method. Through the mirror, use the center line of the front of the vehicle in front of the parking space as the reference object. When half of the rear wheel passes this line, start playing the steering wheel reversing. After the vehicle enters 2/3, return to the steering wheel.
4. Do you want to open the block?
It is not advisable to always put a neutral gear. In the case of unpleasant speed and without affecting safety, you can use neutral gear to glide. However, the EFI car will be very costly. Do not put a neutral gear on a downhill slope. This will not only easily lead to brake malfunction, but also cause a flameout. The vehicle may be out of control.
5. How to overtake and change lanes?
To be resolute and decisive, try to get close to the front of the car, especially the two-way lane, which can save the time of overtaking.
When changing lanes, we must carefully observe the flow of traffic in the next lane through the mirror, not only to determine the distance, but also to determine the speed of the rear car. Only when it is safe to do so can change lanes, otherwise, in the event of a collision, the lane change vehicle should be negative. Full responsibility.
If there is a bus stop in front of you and you can't see if there are pedestrians crossing the road at the front of the bus, you can look at the gap in the front wheel of the bus. If there is a foot or shadow on the ground, it means someone is overtaking. pay attention.
6. The green light flashes. Can you continue to open?
According to the new traffic regulations, it is not advisable to flash the green light. It is advisable to stop by the green light and avoid the yellow light. Try to avoid stopping at the zebra crossing.

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