Thailand wants to become Asia's ethanol export center

Thailand’s “World News” reported on June 15 that the minister of energy conservation and alternative energy development of the Ministry of Energy of Thailand, Geoney, said that Thailand is ready to become an ethanol export production center in Asia, including the preparation of raw materials for production. At present, there are 19 ethanol production plants in Thailand that can produce 2.9-3.0 million liters of ethanol per day.

Geene expects that in the next 1-2 years, five ethanol plants will be added, and daily production will increase by 1.8 million liters. However, the current annual private enterprises' ethanol export volume is only 50 million liters, and the export price of ethanol from Thailand is relatively high. In this regard, if Thailand can be promoted to become an ethanol sales center in Asia, it will help stimulate the development of the ethanol trade in Thailand.

Gehne pointed out that Thailand’s stock of ethanol is currently 75 million liters, which is divided into 45 million litres of production inventory and 30 million litres of fuel companies. The average daily consumption is no more than 1.5 million liters and the price is 25.22 baht per litre. The reference price in the international market is only 21.15 baht per litre.

Geine revealed that domestic ethanol consumption has increased from an average of 1.2 million liters per day at the end of 2010 to an average of 1.37 million liters per day, and the trend has increased to an average of 2 million liters per day by the end of 2011, an increase of 46%. Thanks to the increase in the consumption of E85 ethanol gasoline (gasoline blended 85% ethanol), the average daily consumption of domestic E85 ethanol gasoline has increased from 11,000 litres in 2010 to 17,500 liters.

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