Successfully developed shafts for longer-life automatic transmission planetary gears

~The service life has been increased to more than 2 times~

Recently, JTEKT has announced the successful development of a new "long-life riveted shaft for planetary gears", which is used in planetary gear units for automotive automatic transmissions (stepping AT, CVT, HV).

The newly developed planetary gear shaft adopts special heat treatment technology, and its two ends are fixed to the carrier by riveting, which improves the overall durability and has a life expectancy of more than twice. As a result, the miniaturization of the entire planetary gear unit and the reduction in weight and efficiency of the transmission assembly will be improved.

<Product appearance>

<Planetary gear construction diagram>

1. Features

(1) Riveting and fixing method

(2) Improve the service life of the shaft

The newly developed planetary gear shaft uses a special heat treatment technology to improve the hardness of the rolling surface of the roller while maintaining the low hardness of the fixed part (see the figure below). In this way, the "squeezing and fixing" method can reduce the overall size of the planetary gears, improve the durability of the rolling surface of the roller, and successfully reduce the deformation of the shaft, and the life of the shaft can be increased by more than 2 times.

<New development moral construction diagram>

<Different from the way the previous products are fixed>

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