Settlement centrifuge safety technical operation procedures

First, the general requirements

Article 1 must pass the professional, safety and technical training of this type of work, pass the examination, and obtain the qualification certificate before they can hold the certificate.

Article 2 Master the working principle, structure, technical characteristics and correct operation methods of the settling machine, understand the causes and preventive measures of common faults, and be familiar with the storage location and use method of fire-fighting equipment.

Article 3 of the strict implementation of "election coal plant safety regulations", technical operation, personal responsibility, shift system and other relevant regulations.

Article 4 understands the function of the cooling water system and lubrication system of the settling machine, and the layout of the piping, and can operate correctly.

Article 5 is familiar with the opening and closing procedures of the equipment in this post and the connection between the upper and lower procedures.

Article 6 must be worn with labor protection supplies when you are on duty.

Second, the safety regulations

Article 7 Centrifuges shall not be overloaded. Do not mix soft and hard materials and large particles in the material.

Article 8 The lock must be realized between the oil pump motor, the vibration motor and the rotary motor of the centrifuge.

Article 9. During the operation of the equipment, the staff shall not climb to the centrifuge.

Article 10 The fixing bolts of the sedimentation centrifuge must be tightened to prevent the vibration isolation spring from breaking and deforming.

Article 11 The sedimentation centrifuge must be equipped with safety protection devices and sensors.

Third, preparation before work

Article 12 Before driving, check whether the rotor rotation is flexible, and whether there is any blockage at the feeding pipe and the feeding end.

Article 13 Check whether the number of transmission belts and the tension are in compliance with the requirements.

Article 14 Check whether the oil level in the fuel tank of the hydraulic station is normal, and add it when the oil level is low.

Article 15 Check whether the indicator lights, instruments and meters of the control box are flexible and reliable.

Article 16 Understand the underflow of the 601 coarse coal slime concentrator, determine the number of open and the size of the inlet valve

Fourth, the rules of normal operation

After receiving the driving signal, Article 17 is operated by one person, and one person is guarded to start driving.

Article 18 First open the lubricating oil pump. After the oil pressure is normal (not less than 0.1Mpa), and the normal operation is 5min, the main motor of the settling machine can be started.

Article 19 The settling machine must be started at no load. After the motor switching resistance is running normally, the feeding gate can be opened and the feeding size (current 90A-140A) can be adjusted in time.

In the operation of Article 20, attention should be paid to observing the current change and the discharge situation. Whether the temperature rise of each lubrication part is normal (mainly the large pulley shaft and the differential) is found to be abnormally treated in time.

Article 21 Under normal circumstances, it is allowed to stop the 601 underflow to below 300g/L.

Article 22 When stopping normally, the feeding should be stopped first. After the feeding and the materials in the machine are finished, close the feeding valve, and rinse the sedimentation machine cylinder and the screw propeller with clean water for 10-15 minutes before stopping the main motor. After the main motor stops running, stop the lubricating oil pump.

5. Processing under special circumstances

Article 23 A chipping accident occurs during the operation of the settling machine. It is necessary to analyze the cause and expose the large-covering car. When most of the materials are to be taken out, one person can rotate the rotor before installing the safety pin to start normally. Forced to start.

Sixth, the work after the operation

Article 28 Before parking, the feeding should be stopped first, and all the materials in the body should be treated before parking. It is strictly forbidden to stop.

Article 29, the work area should be cleaned up before the handover, and all kinds of items should be placed neatly.

Article 30: The shifting class shall be carried out on site, and the successor shall be handed over to the successor to clear the operation status of the centrifuge, the faults and existing problems, and the handover procedures shall be completed before the handover.

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