Safety technical measures for rectifying main shaft wells and expanding roadway sections

Sand wells coal mine technological transformation target of 15 million tons / year, pay well and wind wells can not meet the production needs of the tuxedo, the Board decided to mine the two wellbores transformation, formulated measures to this end.

I. The status of Fujing and Fengjing

1. The total length of Fujing is 328.7 meters, and the broken piece of 213.7 meters from the wellhead is 1.7×1.8m2 (semi-circular arch), the slope is 28 degrees, the angle is below 213.7 meters, the head is broken 3×2.8m2 (semi-circular arch), the slope is 14 degrees. . The support method is bolt support, and the local roof is wood support joint, and the purpose is to extract coal.

2. The total length of the wind shaft is 118 meters, the slope is 30 degrees, the section of the wellhead is 88 meters and the section is 1.6×1.7m2 (semi-circular arch), and the section below 88 meters is broken by 3.3×2.8m2 (semi-circular arch). The support method is the bolt support, and the local roof is the wooden support joint. The purpose is to return to the wind.

2. Reconstruction requirements for Fujing and Fengjing

1. Pofang maintains the original slope unchanged, the middle line and waist line are given by the technical department, and the construction error does not exceed ±10mm.

2. The well is cut into a semicircular arch of 2.6×2.6m2 (the following figure)

The wind well is cut into a semicircular arch of 3 × 2.5 m2 (the latter figure), and a step of 80 mm is built in the middle of the wind well wellbore (see the attached figure for details).

Third, support requirements

The progress of each special ring is 1.5m, and the temporary support is supported by 2.8m monomer and wooden backboard. The permanent support is a squirting spray, and the top section of the stone is supported by stone.

Specific requirements:

1. The anchor extension distance is 800×800, the distance between the two sets of anchors is 600mm, the bolts are made of ф18×1800 twisted anchors, and the anchors are not supported by ф100 steel pallets. The anchorage length of the anchor is not less than 800mm.

2. A row of anchor cables with a spacing of 4m along the middle line of the wellbore, the anchor cable is a 6-strand steel strand with a length of 6m, a 200×200×100 square steel pallet at the lower end of the anchor cable, a square steel pallet, and anchor cable anchoring. The length is not less than 2000mm.

3, comprises a full cut in the metal mesh, which specifications: ф5mm drawn steel mesh of 80 × 80, the length of the overlap is not less than 100mm.

4. The thickness of the shotcrete is not less than 300mm, and the unevenness is not more than ±500mm.

5, quality inspection, anchor bolts with a force of 40cm, the wrench is not allowed to move. The tensile test anchor shall not be less than 40mpa and the anchor cable shall not be less than 80mpa. In each of the two wells, five quality inspection drill holes of not less than 400 mm are used on all breaks at 5 m to check the thickness of the shotcrete.

6. The top of the roof is made of stone, the thickness is not less than 300mm, and the top must be filled with vermiculite. In addition, all the wind wells are made of stone except for the air intake.

Fourth, the production system

1. Ventilation: The well is a full negative pressure air inlet, and the wind well is a full negative pressure return air. The meteorite procedure is required during the construction process, and should not exceed half of the wellbore.

2. Transportation: The lifting of the wells is carried out by using the original 100mm winch and track. The wind well exits as follows: the wellbore is slid down to the lower leveling lane with the porcelain tank, and then transferred from the 30 scraper to the corner of the roadway, and then the loading and unloading truck pulls out the ground. The wind well is installed with a winch from the wind well, and the wind well is used to lay the rails. Two dampers are installed at the wellhead of the wind well. The special person opens and closes to facilitate the cutting and ensure the normal operation of the ventilation.

3. Power supply: Both the well and the wind well are laid from the wellhead to the working place. When the gun is fired, the cable and other facilities must be protected.

4, the pressure of wind: Fujing and Fengjing installed an air compressor at the wellhead, 2 inch steel pipe to the job site.

5. Monitoring: Each gas operation site and 30 scraper heads are equipped with a gas monitoring head. The alarm power-off concentration is 0.75%. As long as one exceeds the limit, all electrical equipment and 30 scraper power in the wind well must be disconnected. The operation can be continued until the gas concentration drops below 0.75%.

V. Other security measures

1. Resolutely implement “unsafe, no production” and eliminate three violations.

2. When shooting: The operators in the wind well must be evacuated to the ground or the electromechanical chamber and set a warning at the total return of the ground and the two wings and the return of the east wing. The personnel must be evacuated to the dark inclined shaft winch chamber during the firing operation of the paying yard, and an alarm should be set in the paying well, the dark inclined wellhead and the pump house. When working on the above-mentioned wells, personnel must evacuate to the dark inclined shaft winch house or the ground and be alert.

3. When the wind well is unloaded and the well is discharged, no personnel shall be left in the wellbore. The 15m below the working well and the wind well shall be lined up in a row with 2.8m of single hydraulic props (not less than 5). And use the wooden board to help the smashing, in order to prevent the smashing of the shovel under the shovel. When the shovel is in the wind well, it is strictly forbidden to keep people below the squatting place to prevent the smashing stone from hurting people.

¥, before the permanent support is completed, the operators in the roadway perform the “knocking and asking top” system to prevent the umbrella rock from injuring people.

5. Since both the well and the wellbore are surrounded by water in the wellbore and the old air, and the surface water is abundant, it is necessary to implement the system of exploration and release of water, so that there is a need to dig and explore, and it is required to explore the hole around the wellbore. Eight, the final hole is not less than 10m from the wellbore wall.

6. In addition to the implementation of this measure, all operators must also implement other rules and regulations established by the mine.

In the process of encountering new problems in the construction process, it is necessary to formulate supplementary measures and implement them in a timely manner. Mine leaders and safety management personnel must have follow-up personnel in each class in order to detect hidden dangers in time, deal with hidden dangers in time, and ensure safety during construction.

Attachment: Wind well sectional view

Cross section

Shooting warning point position map

Main and wind shaft reconstruction and widening of roadway section

Water safety measures

The main wells and wind shafts of the sand well coal mine are more than 180 meters long (the main well is 80 meters deep), which are all old kiln goafs, and the goaf is filled with a large amount of accumulated water. In the construction of the excavation project, it is necessary to double the defense and always pay attention to prevent the occurrence of water penetration accidents. Therefore, in the reconstruction and widening of the main shaft wind tunnel roadway section construction, we must adhere to the principle of “predicting and forecasting, suspecting must be explored, first exploring and then digging, first treatment and then mining”. To this end, the special preparations for water safety measures are as follows:

1. Overview of main and wind shafts;

1. The existing section of the main shaft is from the wellhead to the coal seam of the 16# coal seam, the slope length is 213.7 meters, the slope is 28 degrees, the roadway is broken 1.7m×1.8m=3.06m2, and the 1m winch is used to raise the coal (矸) and go downhole. Put materials and equipment.

2. The existing section of Fengjing is from the wellhead to the 14# coal point, the slope length is 110 meters, the slope is 30 degrees, the roadway section is 1.6m×1.8m=2.88m2, and the wind speed is between 11~13 meters, which exceeds the “Safety Regulations for Coal Mines”. 》 stipulations, plus the ventilation resistance is very large, affecting the use of wind in the mine.

3. After the integration of the mine, the annual designed production capacity will be 150,000 tons, and the transportation capacity will not meet the production needs. Therefore, the main shaft was expanded and expanded to a width of 2.6 meters, a height of 3.5m (semi-circular arch), a sectional area of ​​5.78m2, and the winch was upgraded to a belt to transport coal.

4. With the deepening of the mine, the gas gradient is increased, the mine design production capacity is 150,000 tons per year, and the ventilation capacity can not meet the needs of safe production. According to the calculation of mine gas emission, according to the principle of wind setting, the required air volume of the mine is 3000m3/min, and the wind tunnel roadway section is expanded to 6.5m2 (net section) according to the wind speed of 7.69m/s.

5. The 14# and 16# coal seams under the main main cylinder and the shaft of the wind shaft were taken by the local people during the collective cooperative period. The main wellhead is 15 meters ahead of the original old kiln wellhead, the wind shaft is more than 10 meters away from the river and is an old kiln wellhead. The old kiln wells form a mutual communication and form a large space. The main well and wind well rectification method is to break the bottom and increase the height of the roadway, and pull out the two states to expand the width of the roadway. In order to ensure the safety of the mine rectification, it is necessary to adhere to the work of “first exploration and then excavation”.

Second, safety technical measures

1. Before the wellbore is drilled, the 100-type drilling rig must be used to drill the water hole according to the design. It is necessary to find out whether there is old kiln water by drilling, and it is convenient to calculate the safety of the tunneling according to the angle, orientation, angle and depth of the borehole. Protection line.

2. The slopes of the main and wind shafts are 250 and 300 respectively. The reconstruction and widening of the wellbore is carried out from the wellhead to the underground. After the bottom is broken, the wellbore is formed into a bottom 1.5m deep, and the drilling machine cannot drill the water hole. To this end, this requires the digging construction team to first put the rig down the well to start the bottom of the hole to start drilling the water hole, use the ground winch wire rope to pull up the rig, from the bottom of the wellbore with a square wooden pad drilling rig, the compression column is reinforced firmly Then, the water hole is drilled, and the water work sequence is searched. The water hole is drilled down to the wellhead to confirm the safety and reliability, and finally the wellhead is pulled down and rectified.

3. The main well, slope 280, the water drilling hole arrangement along the bottom plate 50, the drilling hole drilled into the hole with a hole spacing of 500mm, the main shaft bottom width is 2.6m, 6 holes are arranged, and each of the two states is arranged with 3 holes (by The bottom is 500mm apart from the top state.) The drilling hole is arranged along the mountain for 25 meters long. The old kiln well is an ancient method of coal mining. As long as there is 500mm space, one person can stand by hand to dig coal to prevent the end of the drilling hole from hitting. The old kiln water, therefore, the hole end point is controlled between 500mm), the hole depth is 30 meters (because the bottom plate and the two states only dig more than 1 meter deep, keep 20 thick rock pillars).

4. The slope of the wind well is 300, the water drilling hole is drilled along the elevation angle of the bottom plate 50, the bottom of the same well is 3m wide, and 7 holes are arranged along the bottom plate. The wind well only pulled out the right to go to the right state. Bangkong arranged three holes from the bottom plate to the top state, drilled a hole of 500mm, and arranged a drill field along the mountain 25 meters, with a hole depth of 30 meters.

5. During the renovation of the main shaft and the wind shaft, the underground section will stop all operations and only the gas inspectors of the drainage personnel will be left.

6. When the main well and the wind shaft are rectified and fired, the underground personnel should be evacuated to the ground, and the number of people going down in the check room and the dispatching room should be checked. After all the underground personnel are removed from the ground, the safety officer will notify the shooting. Ground.

7. When exploring the rhinestones, it was found that the rust water, odor and water inflow were large, and the drill pipe could not be pulled out. All the personnel in the underground were evacuated from the ground in time, and the mine dispatching room was reported. At the same time, the underground pumping and watts were notified by telephone. The inspector quickly evacuated the ground from the main shaft of the original small arch bridge (the main archway of the small arch bridge was to be closed), or when the main well and the wind shaft were drilled and when the gun was fired, the pumping and water control of the sand well mine temporarily did not go down, pumping water. When the workers need to pump down the well, the main well and the wind well cannot be drilled and fired, which are safe for rotation work.

8. During the process of digging into the water, the safety officer or the class leader will carefully observe whether there is a water seepage sign. If the water is enlarged, the coal wall is red, the air is cold, the coal state has water, and the bottom plate has water gushing. Fog, rust water, odor and other phenomena, if there is a warning, promptly withdraw all personnel from the underground to the ground. And report to the dispatching room and take corresponding measures.

9. When the main well and the wind shaft appear permeable during the rectification, the personnel quickly fled to the ground in the direction of the wellhead. Road signs on the mine and in the wellbore to evacuate the route.

10. During the reconstruction and widening of the main well and the wind shaft, the ground purchase model is four sets of 200D (F) 43×2 vertical centrifugal pumps, motor power 110KW, Yangcheng 81.6 meters, drainage flow 288m3/n, supporting cable. Water pipes, switches, etc. are prepared for drainage, just in case.

11. The main shaft and the wind shaft should not only prevent the old kiln water from rectifying and widening the roadway section, but also dispose of the old kiln gas (the separate measures for prevention and control of gas).

12, attached: exploration and release water design

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