Qingdao Wuchuan delivered the first subsea blowout preventer structure module in China

Recently, the GE Underwater BOP structural module (referred to as GE project) of GE Oil & Gas Company of Qingdao U.S.
The GE project consists of four parts: upper, middle, lower and rear side guide anchors. The total size is 4.52x5.97x13.89 meters and the total weight is 106 tons. It is used for permanent encapsulation of offshore wellheads to avoid oil leakage.
Since the start of construction, the project team has strictly controlled the quality, achieving a flatness of 1 mm after structural welding, a verticality of 2 mm, a concentricity of 3 mm, a pass rate of 100%, and a UT pass rate of more than 99. %, RT pass rate of 100% quality level; on the basis of ensuring that the product meets the technical specifications and the owner's requirements, the implementation rate of each node is 100%.
It is reported that the subsea blowout preventer structure module order is GE's first domestic order, and the successful delivery of this product provides a strong support for Qingdao Wuchuan to expand the foreign module market.

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