Practical analysis of the application of license plate recognition system in parking lot

With the development of intelligence, the license plate recognition technology has gradually matured, making the entrances and exits of vehicles in all areas of our life unattended. At present, the license plate recognition system covers more and more fields, and some communities, hospitals, enterprises and institutions Units, shopping malls, airports, industrial parks and other places are commonly used.
The license plate is unique as the identity of the vehicle. The license plate recognition technology is adopted in the parking lot. The license plate recognition system can detect the vehicles on the monitored road surface and automatically extract the vehicle license plate information for processing. As one of the important components in the modern intelligent transportation system, it is widely used. Based on digital image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision and other technologies, it analyzes the vehicle image or video sequence captured by the camera to obtain the unique license plate number of each car, thus completing the identification process.
The practicality of the license plate recognition system in the parking lot is mainly reflected in the non-stop traffic. Whether it is a fixed car, a temporary car or even an unlicensed car, the license plate recognition system can capture the license plate number and model image of the passing vehicle. Upload the captured image to the database, and the gate will automatically open the gate. The whole process is like running water, which makes the vehicle enter and leave the parking lot quickly.
In addition, the license plate recognition system can guarantee the parking safety of the vehicle. The traditional management mode faces some problems in daily applications. Among them, the safety issue is particularly important. For example, the form of the manual transceiver card may cause omission or no record to be found, or lose the car or The phenomenon of misreporting the car lost a lot of inconvenience to the parking lot management, and at the same time could not guarantee the safe parking of the owner's vehicle. The license plate recognition system will automatically store each parking record, and equipped with functional modules such as image comparison and vehicle owner capture, and the information will be compared at the entrance and exit to protect the parking safety of the vehicle owner.
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