Nanjing British taxi makes a profit on the road

Nanjing British taxi makes a profit on the road On the morning of August 10th, the first batch of 50 “black taxis” from London, the UK’s public concern, formally launched their operations. This is the first time that Nanjing’s new “London Taxi” debuted this year and became a major street in Nanjing. Highlights.

It is understood that this model, which was used as a "Taxi Taxi" in China, originated from the famous "London Black Taxi" in the United Kingdom. It is the most professional taxi in the world. In last year's London Olympics, the Spice Girls combined with the car's Together, the car is once again renowned worldwide. At present, this car is produced in Shanghai by Sino-British cooperation. This time, it will provide 500 "English taxis" to Nanjing and will be sold overseas including the United Kingdom. Many of the cars on the streets of London today are from China. The logo used by them is exactly the same as the “British logo” used in our country. Therefore, the new 500 British taxis in Nanjing are the United Kingdom. London Black Taxi is a symbol of Sino-British cooperation.

MR.Bob Manning, the consul of the British-Chinese Investment Agency of the British Consulate-General in Shanghai who congratulated Nanjing on a special trip to Nanjing, said very enthusiastically at the launching ceremony of this batch of cars that he was a frequent guest of the car in the UK and his wife and brother married. The wedding car is the car, very beautiful, this car has become one of the three symbols of Britain. Now introduced by Geely to China, it has become a model of Sino-British cooperation. Nanjing used this London taxi in large quantities to witness and reflect the good prospects of Sino-British cooperation. He represented the British government to express his warm congratulations to the Nanjing municipal government and citizens. .

The reporter felt in the on-site experience that this full-body black London taxi from the UK is indeed quite different from the taxis we often deal with. The biggest highlight of this car is not only in its strong British style, but also its internal Structure and humanized design is a blank for taxis in China. The body is about 1 meter 8 high, and the interior space is not only large and comfortable, but its object placement capacity is several times that of ordinary taxis, and there is no need to worry about the possibility of no more luggage. The key is that the doors can be opened at 90 degrees, and there are various barrier-free facilities. The reporter saw that the car was equipped with rotating seats, stepped pedals, foldable ramps, eye-catching yellow handrails and seats. People with mobility problems could get in and out of the car and could adjust the direction of the rotating seat, turn the door, and then Through this stepped pedal, it is possible to sit up directly, and finally rotate the seat to a normal position, which is very humanized, and the cab and the passenger compartment are separated by a safety baffle to ensure the privacy of passengers chatting. Sitting in this car, there is no sense of oppression. It's like sitting in a business class in an airplane. It's wide and comfortable. Especially in this batch of vehicles put in Nanjing, they are all equipped with wireless network to realize wireless WIFI 4G network. Full coverage, passengers in the car can be free wireless Internet access, a reporter with the car experience, there is indeed a feeling of surfing the web, these are we usually can not feel a taxi.

The person in charge of the relevant section of Nanjing pointed out that this time when Nanjing added middle and high-end taxis, why did you choose the “English taxi” because it had features and technologies that were not available in other taxis? In terms of sense, professional taxis that can satisfy the different needs of the general public, especially the humanized design of this vehicle, embody the concept of the "Plants' Capital" that Nanjing is creating. It is the endorsement vehicle and fraternity car in the civilized city of Nanjing.

This reporter learned that the current starting price of this taxi is 9 yuan, fuel surcharge of 2 yuan, but after more than two kilometers of starting mileage, charge 2.9 yuan per kilometer. The starting mileage of an ordinary taxi is 3 kilometers, which exceeds 2.7 yuan per kilometer. The reporter made a 4 kilometers trip experience, and finally spent 17 yuan on fuel surcharges. According to an ordinary taxi, it takes about 16 yuan, perhaps because of the short distance, only reflecting the difference of 1 yuan.

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