Intelligent power safety hazard supervision service system

Since 2015, Li'an Technology Smart Power Safety Hazard Supervision Service System has been officially put into operation, providing smart users with smart power safety monitoring services to solve the worries of users' safe use of electricity. At present, the company has provided smart electricity safety hazard supervision services for tens of thousands of homes such as Greenland, vival, and Yinchuan Hedong International Airport.
working principle
1. Install electrical safety online monitoring device at the main incoming line of the power distribution cabinet to monitor cable temperature, current, leakage, voltage, and other parameters in real time, and transmit real-time data and alarm information to the smart power safety hazard in real time through wireless means. Regulatory service platform.
2. Install the LBH201 arc-extinguishing short-circuit protection device in the single-phase important circuit of the terminal distribution box to detect the arc condition in the electric circuit in real time. When the short-circuit and overload occur, the fault point is generated without dangerous sparks, completely eliminating the short circuit and overload. The possibility of fire; the electrical safety parameters will also be uploaded to the smart power platform wirelessly.
Founded in 2010, Lian Technology has accumulated rich experience in integrated R&D, manufacturing, sales, testing, operation and maintenance of electrical safety equipment, and has been providing users with quality products and services and winning a good society. reputation. The company will provide users with IoT cloud service solutions, including smart power, electrical products, engineering installation, power monitoring and operation and maintenance services.
An Introduction
Lian Technology's intelligent power safety hazard supervision service system, through the Internet of Things technology to carry out uninterrupted data tracking and statistical analysis of the main causes of electrical fire (wire temperature, current, voltage and leakage current), real-time discovery of electrical lines and The safety hazards of electrical equipment (such as abnormal cable temperature, short circuit, overload, overvoltage, undervoltage and leakage) can effectively prevent electrical fires.
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In addition, the system can be equipped with fault arc and smoke sensor module, which is connected to the digital input interface, and the system can also access and alarm.
Arc-extinguishing electrical fire protection devices: various professional markets, large shopping malls, cultural protection units, religious sites, etc.
Fault arc detector: renting private houses, old high-rise houses, hotels, nursing homes, welfare homes, medical institutions, schools and training places, entertainment places, cultural centers, public places, express delivery industries, etc.
Smart electrical safety online monitoring device: high-risk industries such as hazardous chemicals, three-site and three-enterprise, and labor-intensive enterprises.
Stand-alone wireless smoke alarm: residential, leisure hall, hotel, hotel, apartment, dormitory, nursing home, kindergarten, cultural relics and other buildings.
Networking mode
The service system adopts two monitoring methods: local monitoring and remote monitoring (Web, APP); using the safe power cloud platform to monitor cable temperature, leakage current, current/voltage, smoke, combustible gas, cable parameters and so on. Support a variety of wireless communication networking methods: NB-IoT, GPRS wireless.
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●Residual current monitoring
● Temperature monitoring
●Data statistics
●Information push
● Real-time monitoring
● Alert reminder
● Self-test report
● Notify customers of safe use of electricity.
product description
Li'an Technology Smart Power System consists of three core architectures: electrical line intelligent monitoring terminal + cloud platform + An Yiyun smart power management platform.
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The intelligent monitoring terminal of Li'an Technology Electric Line is installed next to the low-voltage power distribution cabinet and the second-level cabinet. It collects the residual current, current and temperature parameters of the electric line in real time, and uploads the data to the security management of Li'an through wireless transmission. platform. The platform monitors the electrical circuit 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, comprehensive analysis, and timely pre-alarm.
Li'an Technology Smart Power Management Platform is built on the cloud server and designed with the concept of cloud computing and big data. It can manage the data of all monitoring terminals connected to the platform, using IoT technology and big data application to measure information. Conduct real-time online monitoring and statistical analysis to determine the cause of the failure and guide the enterprise to carry out management to eliminate potential electrical fire safety hazards. Relevant warning and alarm information of the platform can be viewed at any time using the computer and app.
Main function of meter
â–  Detection object: for residual current, temperature, voltage, current, power quality;
■ Detection range: 0 mA to 1000 mA (residual current) 0 ° C to 160 ° C (temperature).
Main features of the equipment
â– Open phase current and residual current transformer, no-power-off installation, specially designed for retrofit projects;
â–  Support temperature protection and residual current protection;
â– High sensitivity alarm to avoid false positives and false negatives;
â–  Complete functions such as measurement and measurement, power quality monitoring, and wireless monitoring;
â–  Flexible communication mode: RS-485 communication, optional GPRS and other wireless communication;
â–  Rail-mounted installation to meet the harsh environment of the site.
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