HX-HW8B High Frequency Infrared Carbon Analyzer* Parameters and Features

Carbon-sulfur analyzer is a common and popular measurement instrument in the physics and chemistry analysis room of an enterprise. It can quantitatively analyze carbon and sulfur in the metal material and accurately measure the percentage of carbon and sulfur in the material. According to different analysis methods and principles, carbon-sulfur analyzers can be divided into multiple types, and high-frequency infrared carbon-sulfur analyzers are one of them.

HX-HW8B high-frequency infrared carbon-sulfur analyzer, using high-frequency induction furnace with infrared carbon and sulfur analysis system, can quickly and accurately determine the general carbon steel, high low alloy steel, cast iron, gray cast iron, ductile iron, alloy cast iron , Various ferroalloys, ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, nickel iron, lithium iron, ferrochromium, rare earth metals, coke, coal, slag, catalysts, ores and other materials in the carbon and sulfur content.

First, the main technical parameters:

1. Measurement range: Carbon: 0.00001-10.0000% (can be expanded to 99.999%); Sulfur: 0.00001-0.3500% (can be expanded to 99.999%).

2, analysis time: generally about 35 seconds (excluding sampling, sample time).

3. Analysis error: Accuracy and precision Accuracy: Carbon meets ISO 9556-94 standard; Sulfur meets ISO 4935-94 standard precision, and conforms to the national metrological verification regulations JJG395-97 standard.

4, high-frequency induction furnace combustion power: 2.5KVA-3.5KVA (adjustable), oscillation frequency: 20MHz, electronic balance: import, weighing range 0-100g, reading accuracy 0.001g.

Second, the main features:

1, Windows full Chinese operating interface, with a flexible Windows operating system, easy to operate, easy to master.

2. Dynamic display of various data and carbon and sulfur release curves during the analysis.

3, the import of electronic balance online operation, not a quantitative sample.

4. The integrated control and data acquisition based on the PCI bus of the whole machine has high stability, fast response and good reliability.

5, using a low noise, high sensitivity, high stability, anti-jamming infrared detector.

6, software, novel, full-featured, with channel selection, breakpoint data, coefficient correction, curve complex display, parameter management, switch diagnostics, blank correction and other functions.

7. Analyze the two elements of carbon and sulfur, each with 16 channels and a total of 32 channels, which can be freely collocated with a wide selection range.

8, the key components of the machine are imported devices to ensure the stability and high quality of the instrument.

9, high frequency induction furnace output power, and adjustable power, suitable for a variety of materials, combustion analysis and testing, burner automatic cleaning, can reduce the impact of dust on the analysis results.

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