How long does the monitoring system last?

As mentioned earlier, array infrared uses a highly integrated advanced packaging technology, an array of infrared chips packaged with dozens of wafers, only the size of the fingernail. Imagine what would be the volume of combining dozens of individual LEDs together? The small size is mainly for ease of application. If an infrared light source combining dozens of individual LEDs is mounted on a high speed dome, the effect is conceivable. The array infrared technology ensures the good working condition of the CCD, and its service life is 9 times that of the ordinary LED infrared camera. The ordinary LED infrared camera places the LED light-emitting tube and the camera in a cavity, and the heat of the LED tube cannot be effectively radiated through the PCB board, and the temperature problem seriously restricts the service life of the CCD. After 3 months of use, the ordinary LED infrared camera began to show signs of aging. The picture was blurred, whitish, lack of contrast, etc., which directly affected the product use effect, and even the entire camera was scrapped. Obviously, the higher the brightness, the farther the illumination distance is. The output power of a single LED is generally 5~15mW. Although the current can be increased by increasing the current, the limitation of the material itself is the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the infrared. Not high, only 20% of the light, the remaining 80% is heat. Therefore, while increasing the brightness, more heat energy is generated, which is obviously not feasible for the key device CCD of the camera with strict operating temperature.
As long as it is used correctly and properly maintained, it will be fine for seven or eight years. Lanzhou Bo Rui Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. professional monitoring system, parking system, building intercom and other weak system maintenance!

The welding plugs and the socket , they are also the important parts . They can be classification for several ways .One is the male and the female .Another is the square :10-25 mm² ,35-50mm² ,50-70mm² ,70-95mm² .And the other is suit for different countries ,the American type ,the British type .The customer can choice based on their need .

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