Hit the list! "Built-in flow" physique large-tonnage crane wants you to look good

In the summer, the construction progress of various places has not slowed down due to the hot weather. Xugong large tonnage cranes are still hot in various places, and the heat is not reduced. This is not only a challenge to the skill of the operator, but also a test of the quality of each crane involved. Let's take a look at how the "hot search" physique large-tonnage cranes "have their own flow".

Top1: "Wind Power Artifact" QAY650 lead construction dry foot

QAY650 took its two "big brothers" QAY500 and QAY240 to battle the vast land of Ordos Zhungeer Banner, and installed a 180-ton, 88-meter-high venting cylinder.

In Qidong Huaerui Offshore Wind Farm (one of the "Three Gorges in the Sea" project in Jiangsu), QAY650A "Walking the wings" and "Little Brother" QY75K to complete high-precision, high-stability wind power installation.

Changzhou Zhongtian Iron and Steel Construction Site, QAY650 main crane, Liebherr 300 tons auxiliary, Chinese and foreign mix, propped up "reinforced steel bone."

Top2: "Technical role" XCA550 "C-debut", the wind is infinite

In the construction site of the Yixian County Power Plant in Xinyu City, a major project of Jiangxi's “13th Five-Year Plan”, XCA550 hoisted 88 tons of water circulation, generator sets and other equipment, “stretching the mountains and suffocating the world”.

As the industry's first 550-ton seven-bridge product, XCA550 achieves the ultimate level of Qiqiao products. As the largest vehicle in Hubei, the XCA550 is the largest vehicle in the country.

Top3: The "Golden Finger" winner XCA450 is not arrogant, full of firepower

Since its launch, XCA450 has been the mainstay of wind power, communication equipment installation, and chemical projects in many provinces and cities across the country. It is a milestone in the innovation of engineering machinery design concepts. This is not the case, the grand prize winner is busy with the red river state Kaiyuan 2.0 wind turbine maintenance task.

Similarly, under the witness of Yunnan Blue Sky, XCA450 hoisted 4~5 tons of cabinets in the cement plant, with a lifting height of 40 meters, perfect for difficult lifting tasks.

TOP4: "King Kong" XCA220 both inside and outside, it is worth having

XCA220 installed a 10-ton cement tank in the Anhui Cement Factory, and it was stable and stable. The backlight still could not stop the beauty of the posture.

In the Gansu area, where the large tonnage is small, the XCA220 is proudly unveiled with absolute superiority, helping the large-scale central enterprise Lan refinery to undergo a two-year major overhaul.

(This article is from Xugong)

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