Heavy! The number of foreign cars entering Beijing in November next year shall be limited to 12 times a year.

Beginning next November, Beijing will adjust the management policies of foreign passenger trains in Beijing. Each foreign license vehicle can only handle 12 "Beijing-entry permits" in a year, and the longest-term use period for each issued "Beijing-style permit" is 7 days. At the same time, the restricted area of ​​foreign coaches will also be further expanded, extending to the Beijing Liuhuan Road (excluding) and Tongzhou District (excluding the expressway main road).

Foreign vehicles can be up to 84 days in Beijing each year

In order to accurately control vehicles that use off-site licenses for long-term use in Beijing to circumvent the city's minibus number control policy, on June 15, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, and the Public Security Bureau of the Beijing Public Security Bureau issued “About the Part Passenger Cars Adopt Traffic Management Measures (hereinafter referred to as “Notices”) to strengthen the management of passenger cars in foreign countries.

According to the requirements of the "Notice", each foreign car can handle up to 12 passes per year in Beijing, and the validity period of the Beijing Pass per application is up to 7 days. In other words, each foreign license vehicle can travel up to 84 days in Beijing each year.

In terms of space, the restricted area for passenger cars has been further expanded. Passenger cars carrying number plates (including temporary number plates) issued by other provinces, districts, and cities must go to Beijing if they enter the roads within the Sixth Ring Road (excluding) roads and Tongzhou District's entire area roads (excluding the main expressway roads). Pass.

In the areas outside the Sixth Ring Road and Tongzhou, the people’s governments of the various suburban areas will, according to actual needs, delimit the areas in which the passenger cars of other provinces, districts, and municipalities that issue license plates (including temporary number plates) will pass through Beijing Passes.

The number of days for which no Beijing parking permit is parked in the restricted-area area or deducted from the "Beijing Pass"

It is worth noting that according to the requirements of the "Notice", before the expiry of the period of validity of the "Beijing Pass", the vehicle should exit the restricted area. This means that in addition to the limited number of days on the road, the parking of foreign license plates will also be restricted.

If you do not apply for a Beijing pass or a Beijing pass for more than the validity period, and if you park in a city road above the branch level within the above-mentioned range, deduct the number of days that you can apply for a Beijing pass in the current year according to the days of parking. Those who fail to apply for a Beijing pass or a Beijing pass for more than the validity period and enter the roads within the above-mentioned range shall be punished according to the law by the traffic administrative department of the public security organ for violation of the law.

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