Hanma Power Guangdong receives favorable comments

In Guangdong, Hualing car has an extremely high amount of ownership, and the market is relatively mature. As the engine independently developed and produced by Hualing, Hanma Power naturally takes the lead in launching the Guangdong market. It is understood that Guangdong currently owns nearly 100 HMS-powered vehicles, mainly mixers and tractors, as well as 11 newly-purchased dump trucks in Shenzhen. Recently, the author went to Guangzhou and contacted Sun Chunhe, who is currently working on the local Hanma engine after-sales service. He also accompanied some customers who used Hanma Power to understand the use of Hanma Power. Sun Chunhe introduced: “So far, there have been no obvious problems in the Hanma Power in Guangdong. Users generally report that they are in good use, with sufficient dynamics and strong passivity. Customers are more likely to recognize Hanma Power.” To verify actual use, the author Randomly interviewed several customers.

Hanma's full power

Guangzhou in July was not as hot as it was supposed to. Instead, it was cool and comfortable. In the short two-hour drive from Guangzhou to Zhuhai, there were also five or six showers. When the car arrived at China Resources Concrete (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd., there was a thunderstorm in the ground outside. Then I walked into the driver's lounge. Knowing that the author came to mind, a young driver said: "Your engine is full of power. It's the engine I've driven the most!"

The team leader Sheng Seoul also said that “the general mixing plant is located within a radius of 30 kilometers and the road conditions are relatively poor. In addition, Zhuhai has been raining from March until now, which has exacerbated muddy roads. Special operations The environment and bad weather have imposed great demands on the power of the mixers.We are the first batch of Hanma-powered vehicles set in March. Drivers generally reflect that the cars are full of power and pass through, so they are followed in batches. 15 units were purchased, of which 5 vehicles bought in May were used with a proprietary gearbox from Hualing, making it very easy to drive.”

"The advantage of Hanma Power is that it has a low failure rate. So far, the one engine that runs the most has used 13,000 kilometers. It can be said that there are no problems. We must know that our mixer trucks transport concrete. In the semi-finished product, if the concrete is turned into a finished product in the middle of the road due to a breakdown of the car during the transportation process, then this damage is not only the interests of the customer, but also our reputation. We are the old customers of Hualing, using the Hualing car for many years, We are very trustful for the Hualing brand, so when Hualing launched its own engine and gearbox, our company also immediately purchased several trials.From the current use situation, Hanma Power's high performance exceeds expectations, the company Prepare to purchase a batch of cars in the near future."

During the conversation, Sheng Seoul also said that due to the special weather conditions in the coastal areas (the first half of rainy water) and the approval of some large and medium-sized projects were concentrated in the first half of the year, it is expected that the second half of the year will be the rush hour for each site, and the previous purchase of Han After a few months of debugging and running, Horse Power gradually achieved the best performance. “When you come back to our mixing station, we can provide more detailed data at that time,” Sheng Seoul said.

Truck of quality sedan enjoyment

Leaving China Resources Concrete Corporation, the author came to the same team of Zhaofeng Tubular Piles in Zhuhai. Zhaofeng Motors currently owns 13 Hualing vehicles, among which one Xingma Kama and two Hualing heavy trucks using Hanma Power. When the author arrived at the Mega Team, he came back from the car with the driver of the Xingkai car of the Hanma horse. The time was already two in the afternoon. The worker handed over a lunch and Liu Guohe hurriedly ate it. After lunch, Liu Guohe immediately talked to the writer about the use of this star Kama. “It can be said that what Xingkai Ma brought us is the quality of trucks and the enjoyment of cars. Our fleet is mainly transporting pipe piles, with a full load of at least 100 tons, and the farthest distance is 70 kilometers. The labor intensity of drivers is very high. It is big, and because the cars are all heavily loaded, and the Hanma has plenty of power, it's easy to drive, and the Xingkai's cab is more comfortable, which greatly eases our driver's tiredness."

According to Liu Guohe, he started driving in 84 years and it has been nearly 30 years since. The current driving star Kema is a new car purchased by the company in early July and has run more than 6,000 kilometers. Master Liu introduced that this car is the most comfortable one he has ever used. In particular, the use of Hanma's low-speed, high-speed torque is particularly effective when used heavily. “The speed is generally used between 1100 and 1500 rpm. Moreover, the Hanma has plenty of power, so you can start with just one refuel when you start. In addition, the brake in the cylinder is relatively easy to use, and the brakes are promptly started and the start is also fast, which greatly improves the passing of the vehicle. Our salary is calculated according to the mileage and mileage of the vehicle, using the power of Hanma. The car is faster and more comfortable to run. The workers all admire that I can open this star Kama too!” Liu Guohe said happily.

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