Fan Vibration Meter Vibration Sensor CD-7/CD-8CD-7/CD-8

CD-7/CD-8CD-7/CD-8 vibration speed sensor, CD-7-C/CD-7-S vibration speed sensor can be used to measure various displacements and speeds after being matched with vibration and intensity meter. The rotor supported by the rolling bearing will transmit vibration enough to the bearing seat, and the speed sensor mounted on the bearing housing or very close to the bearing housing, the internal moving coil cuts the magnetic line and outputs the voltage, and provides the signal to the monitoring instrument. Used to predict and alarm mechanical faults. The vibration sensor is used together with the vibration monitor to achieve continuous long-term monitoring and is suitable for measurement of mechanical vibrations such as steam turbines, fans, pumps, and coal mills. The working principle is based on a primary component that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It is fixed on the bracket by two coils, and a magnetic steel in the middle is connected to the casing through a spring, and the magnetic steel moves in the line. The magnetic lines of force are cut, thus generating an induced electromotive force. The voltage is proportional to the speed of the casing, which is called the vibration speed sensor. The vibration sensor produced by Zhengzhou Hangke has small volume, good sealing and long service life. Due to the double coil structure, it can superimpose the effective signal, and the interference signal attenuation effectively improves the anti-interference ability.

1. Measuring range: Frequency: 10 ~ 300Hz
Amplitude: 0 to 200um 0 to 500um 0 to 800um (peak to peak)
Intensity: 0 ~ 20mm / s 0 ~ 25mm / s 0 ~ 50mm / s (true RMS)

2. Measurement accuracy: ±0.5, linear error ≤1%FS
3. Measurement method: vertical or horizontal
4. Output signal: current output: 4 ~ 20mA (load ≤ 1KΩ)
5. Ambient temperature: -10 ~ 65 ° C (relative humidity ≤ 85%)
6. Power supply voltage: DC24V (power consumption ≤ 3W)
7. Dimensions: 35 × 75 (mm)
8. Fixed screw hole: M10×1.5×10mm

CD-7/CD-8CD-7/CD-8 vibration speed sensor resolution, temperature adaptability, suitable for seismic exploration in various environments. Mainly installed on the bearing caps of various rotating machinery, such as steam turbines, compressors, fans and pumps. It is an electromagnetic sensor that cuts magnetic lines by a moving coil and outputs a voltage. Therefore, it does not need to supply power during operation, and the explosion-proof vibration speed sensor is an inertial sensor. The vibration signal is converted into an electrical signal by the principle of magnetoelectric induction. . It is mainly composed of magnetic circuit system, inertial mass, spring damping and other parts. A magnet is rigidly fixed to the sensor, and the inertial mass (coil assembly) is suspended by a spring element. jobs.

CD-7-C/CD-7-SCD-7-C/CD-7-S vibration speed sensor

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