Engine can't be easily dismantled

There are some misconceptions in people's use and maintenance of automobiles. These misconceptions have long been formed in the era of low level of automobile manufacture, backwardness of repair methods, and lack of testing methods. These misconceptions sometimes seem correct, but they are not, and they are very harmful. They can cause damage to vehicles and threaten personal safety. The greater possibility is that these accidents may be hidden or the performance of vehicles may be reduced. Faster wear, shorter life, etc.

1, blindly remove the engine thermostat

If blindly removing the thermostat due to the high engine temperature, the coolant can only perform a large cycle, can not adjust the cooling intensity, it is difficult to ensure that the engine works at a more appropriate temperature, but the engine is often working at a low temperature, causing the engine power to drop , Wear accelerated, fuel consumption increased. If the engine temperature is still high after troubleshooting or replacing the engine thermostat, other parts of the cooling system should be inspected and the thermostat cannot be removed.

2, the engine temperature is not afraid of high fear of low

Some people think that engine temperature is not afraid of high when driving. In fact, when the engine temperature is low, the danger is also great. Cars should be driven according to the normal temperature specified in the vehicle's operating instructions to ensure the service life of the engine.

3, the tighter the water pump fan belt

The tighter the belt, the better. Too tight a belt not only makes it stretch or break, shortens the service life of the belt, but also results in excessive deformation of the generator shaft, the water pump shaft, and early damage to the bearing. The tightness of the car engine fan belt should meet the technical requirements. Normally, the normal belt is equipped with a deflection of 10-15mm.

4, engine idling temperature

When using idling heating, due to the low speed, the oil pump can not quickly press the lubricating oil into the various lubricated surfaces, the oil pressure is also low, so that all the engine parts of the engine work in the state of dry friction or semi-dry friction; Poor atomization causes the unburned fuel to enter the crankcase and flush away the oil film on the cylinder wall, which also accelerates the wear of the machine parts. Therefore, after the engine is started for a few seconds, the application of fast idle temperature increases the engine's lubrication conditions.

5, use the torch to bake the oil

The use of a blowtorch to bake the oil in the winter will not only cause chemical changes to the additives in the oil, and will lose its original performance. It will also cause the oil to gel and deform the bottom of the oil and cause fire. The best practice is to use a suitable engine oil based on the lowest temperature in the local winter. Wherever possible, it is best to park the vehicle in a heated garage.

The more advanced methods of removal are ultrasonic cleaning and nuclear cleaning, but the most common and simplest methods are physical removal and chemical removal. Both methods can also be used together.

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