Elimination of common faults in air compressor compressor system

7 Air compressor pressure system often troubleshooting â–¡ 3, according to the cylinder cylinder with a cylinder liner and no cylinder liner two structures, under the pressure of the compressed gas after work and the temperature rise due to the gas is compressed The temperature stress, as well as the sliding squeezing of the gas corroding piston and the piston ring reciprocating, are three kinds of faults.

1 cylinder is cracked or pulled. The reason is that debris is entering the cylinder. In order to avoid the entry of debris, it should be carefully checked during installation. No impurities such as cracks are left in the cylinder. It can be preheated before welding by welding.

2 The cylinder wall after long-term friction is tapered or elliptical, so that it is not tightly contacted with the piston ring, resulting in air leakage and reduced work efficiency.

The solution is to use the method of boring when the cylinder wall is worn to a certain extent, and continue to use after processing. After the cylinder has been boring multiple times and the wall thickness cannot meet the design requirements, the cylinder must be replaced. After the cylinder is boring, the piston must also increase accordingly, and the force of the piston rod will increase, which should be checked for strength. For cylinders with cylinder liners, the cylinder liner should be replaced after damage, between the cylinder and the cylinder, 5=0.000050.0002, which is poorly lubricated for the cylinder inner diameter of 3 cylinders. The reason is that the check valve on the tubing is not tight, the pipeline is blocked, the oil is too little or the quality of the lubricating oil is too bad. The cleaning method is to clean the oil supply system, remove the dirt or replace the check valve. Check the oil pump filter and replace the oil.

The impact sound is generated in the cylinder during the operation of the piston 1. This is mainly because the axial clearance between the cylinder and the piston is too small, and the impact occurs after thermal expansion. The elimination method is to re-adjust the axial interval. The method of measuring the axial direction is to slap the soft lead wire on the end surface of the cylinder. When the piston moves to the dead point of the first 2 engineering machine city 4, the piston will flatten the soft lead wire, take out the lead wire and measure the thickness with a micrometer, then Adjust the axial clearance between the cylinder and the piston according to the measurement.

2 The piston ring is deformed due to the rough assembly and the jam is caused by the opening amount being too large or too small. The troubleshooting method is to check the piston ring opening. When inspecting, place the piston ring in the minimum cylinder diameter, and the side of the piston ring is perpendicular to the cylinder working surface. If the opening is small, the file can be repaired. If the opening is large, it can only be replaced. In addition, in order to reduce the friction between the piston ring and the cylinder, the piston ring can be chamfered, and the size of the chamfer is 1015 of the width of the piston ring.

The main failure of the valve is the failure of the valve.

At this point, the spring force of each spring should be carefully checked and the same spring spring should be placed under the same valve plate. Check whether the ends of the small spring are parallel, whether the outer edge of the spring wire is worn, the contact between the magazine and the valve piece, and replace the spring that loses its elasticity and becomes smaller and skewed.

Air leaks at the valve seal. Damage to the suction valve can cause the suction pressure to rise and the outlet pressure to decrease, sometimes screaming. The cause of the failure was that the valve plate â–¡ Wu Shunbao was installed, and the 06-type diesel engine erected 802 crawler crane. In the operation, the hoisting and variator walking device suddenly failed, but the engine was running normally.

Among the four main hydraulic pumps, the No. 12 pump is an axial piston displacement pump flow 210, the pressure is 25阽8, respectively, for the variable amplitude travel lifting device to supply oil; the No. 3 pump is broken and worn.

The method of elimination is to eliminate the scar by grinding and scraping; the unevenness is removed by manual grinding on the plate until the contact between the sealing surface of the valve seat and the valve plate is in line contact.

The method of checking the sealing property is to assemble the valve body so that the valve seat faces upward, and the kerosene is poured into the valve seat and the kerosene does not drip out in the valve plate, indicating that the sealing is good.

3 Abnormal noise caused by loose valve and valve plate damage. The method of elimination is to tighten the nut on the connecting bolt and replace the valve.

4 stuffing box heat and leak. The stuffing box is mainly composed of a scraping element and a sealing element. Due to the wear of the scraping element sealing element and the piston rod and the poor cooperation of the sealing element, the stuffing box generates heat and leaks.

The method of repair is to repair or replace the scraping element and the sealing element to replace the piston rod or spring; repair the mating surface of the sealing element and the piston rod and replace the lubrication condition.

According to the working principle of the hydraulic system, all the mechanisms except the slewing mechanism use the decompression pilot valve to operate the hydraulic control reversing valve to achieve the purpose of reversing and speed regulation. The following reasons are as follows: lifting of the crane and sudden failure of the traveling device

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