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Drying equipment Do you have seen the agitated electric blast drying oven? In order to dry the goods, all the electric blast drying ovens that stir their own efforts are really respected. However, the electric blast drying oven is also divided into desktop and vertical type. This is because the vertical electric blast drying box adopts a rectangular parallelepiped floor structure and is generally placed directly on the floor of the laboratory. The test meter is generally on the top of the drying box for ease of operation. Vertical electric blast drying oven adopts the United States imported fan, vertical, vertical forced convection, so that the work chamber temperature is uniform, according to national standards (2%) because the duct structure is very special, the fan in the bottom of the box, natural Air convection. The vertical electric blast drying oven has a large power and structure, applicable to various products or materials and electrical, instrumentation, instrumentation, components, electronics, electrical and automotive, aerospace, communications, plastics, machinery, chemicals, food, chemicals , hardware tools in a constant temperature environment for drying and a variety of constant temperature adaptability test.
Electrothermal temperature electric blast drying box and high temperature electric blast drying box is also very different, high temperature electric blast drying box uses imported high power fan, double duct heat circulation system, stainless steel high temperature electric heater through the wind Circulate and quickly heat the work chamber. The studio adopts mirror stainless steel and super insulation high quality cotton, which can make the temperature of the box up to 600 °C, widely used for high temperature drying of special materials, heating installation of the workpiece, high temperature test of materials, reaction processing of chemical raw materials, ultra high temperature Oven, higher working temperature, high temperature drying special materials, heat treatment of workpiece, high temperature test of materials, etc.
Electric thermostatic electric blast drying oven adopts air conditioning method, forced circulation ventilation, balance temperature adjustment. Drying oven adopts PT100 platinum resistance temperature sensor, digital temperature controller for temperature control, sensitive temperature control, easy operation, reliable performance, digital display working temperature directly, easy to read and read. Dry box is widely used for baking, drying or other heating of the sample. The maximum working temperature is 300°C and the temperature accuracy can reach 0.1°C. Electric heating temperature electric blast drying oven is suitable for measuring moisture in coal, drying articles, drying heat treatment and other heating purposes.
When using the electric blast drying box, it should be noted that the recent weather is relatively hot, and the maximum temperature in some areas exceeds 41 degrees. Everyone should remember to use heatstroke prevention in the workshop to avoid sudden fainting. If you are in a high temperature environment for a long time, remember to cool down.
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Rohone  FRP Membrane pressure vessels provides standard FRP pressure vessels and its auxiliary components applicable for international RO, NF, UF, and MF etc. 
Non-standard products could be tailor-made and OEM service will also be provided as per requirement to meet the satisfaction of customers. 
We adopt the world advanced technology and techniques, offer the precision test and to ensure the best quality and the stable performance. Our product is used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical, power and electronics, metallurgy and petrochemical, seawater and brackish water desalination, and the others many business areas. 
ASME standard complied pressure vessels are available!
Suitable for membrane elements: 1-8 elements
DOW, HYDRANAUTICS, CSM, TORAY, VONTRON, GE, KOCH, BDX, Other standard membrane elements
Paint Color Options:White color is standard, other color also available. (O: Original color L: Logo color) 
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