Economical, reliable, and dynamic country six DDi13 engines successfully implement process test ignition

The DDI13 engine in the bench test room of the powertrain factory of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. was successfully ignited. The new generation of the National Sixth Heavy Duty Diesel Engine, which marks the independent development of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles, has taken an important step from product design to industrial manufacturing.

With the rapid development of the domestic logistics and transportation industry and the continuous improvement of the road environment, the market demand for engine efficiency and power is also constantly improving. The 13-liter engine is regarded as the mainstream choice for heavy-duty gold displacement and future power.

In this context, the Dongfeng commercial vehicle DDi13 engine came into being.

The DDi13 engine has three advantages: economy, super reliability and power. It is a main heavy-duty engine that meets the national six-stage emission standard.

Dongfeng commercial vehicle DDi13 engine Dongfeng commercial vehicle DDi13 engine

The core technical indicators of the DDi13 engine are set against the advanced level of the international competition model, with low emission, high performance and high efficiency. This completely self-developed engine has laid a good foundation for future performance optimization and platform series expansion.

The design uses a number of proprietary technologies including integrated combustion system technology from Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles, as well as integrated, modular and lightweight design techniques. The comprehensive performance is worth looking forward to. —Cheng Gongjun, chief designer of DDI13 project of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Technology Center

DDi13 engine successfully realizes process test ignition DDi13 engine successfully realizes process test ignition

“We spent 9 months completing the production preparation work, which was half the normal preparation time.” Liu Wei, head of the DDI13 engine project promotion team of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Powertrain Factory, said, “This is inseparable from our full value. The joint efforts of the chain."

According to reports, the DDi13 engine will enter the small-volume production phase this year, and will reach the first half of next year.

The DDi13 engine is a six-emission engine that is a very important commodity for the future competitiveness of the Dongfeng commercial vehicle and for the development of the powertrain division.

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle DDi13 Engine R&D Team Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle DDi13 Engine R&D Team

I am very grateful to the employees and related personnel who have devoted a lot of efforts in the development of this product. In the follow-up, we will further support the market introduction and verification work, lay a good foundation for the final increase of the 13-liter engine, and lay a good foundation for the development of the powertrain business. —Yang Peng, Director of Powertrain Factory of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Reading volume: Source: Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Author: Yue Feng


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