Dongfeng Motor: From Manufacturing to Creation Helping “Great Autonomy”

Automobile manufacturing is a technology-intensive industry. This characteristic determines the core of product competitiveness in the manufacturing process. Auto companies have outstanding performance in the fields of engineering technology, business management, quality management and control, and hope to make breakthroughs in an increasingly competitive environment.

In the 2012 China Cars Annual Grand Ceremony, the "2012 China Automobile Manufacturer of the Year Award" was established to recognize the exemplary role of technology leaders in the automotive industry. They promote technology innovation and supply chain management in the automotive industry. Made outstanding contributions.

Based on the network index provided by iResearch and the comprehensive selection of expert assessment teams, Dongfeng Motor has introduced advanced technology through years of joint venture experience, digested and absorbed the outstanding cash for my use, and successfully qualified for the 2012 China Automobile Manufacturer of the Year award. One of the popular candidates entered the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”. Dongfeng Motors has proposed a “big-owned brand” strategy in the field of passenger vehicles. It plans to invest 30 billion yuan in R&D for five years to achieve the overall scale of Dongfeng’s own-brand passenger vehicles. 2 million vehicles.

Speaking of the autonomous development of passenger vehicles, Dongfeng “had a big morning and had a late set.” Due to the late start of independent research and development of passenger vehicles, coupled with the strong development of joint venture brands, Dongfeng has independently challenged the development of self-owned brand cars.

However, the unexpected thing is that in the past few years, Dongfeng Motor has turned its shortcomings into advantages. Married the most, but has become the most conducive to the development of their own brand advantages. In 2012, the sales of Dongfeng's own brand products reached 1.13 million. Among them, commercial vehicle sales exceeded 600,000 vehicles.

By integrating global resources and enhancing innovation capabilities, Dongfeng Corporation has formed its own unique development model in the process of independent innovation. It is reported that Dongfeng’s independent “Dry” D300 strategy has begun to integrate at the vehicle level. In addition to transfusion of Dongfeng’s own brand technology, Dongfeng’s “grand autonomy” plan also emphasizes that the joint venture company needs its own research and development capabilities.

As a symbolic product of “Dongfeng Manufacturing” to “Dongfeng Creation”, Dongfeng Tianlong has been developed from research and development for three years and put into the market in 2006. It is the third-generation commercial vehicle upgraded by Dongfeng Motor. It integrates advanced technologies such as the new D310 cab, high horsepower heavy-duty diesel engine, ABS and digital meters. The application of its lightweight technology has greatly reduced its weight, reduced fuel consumption and improved efficiency.

In 2012, Dongfeng Company successively initiated three overseas mergers and acquisitions, first acquired T Engineering Technologies, and then jointly with GETRAK and Smith. Industry insiders stated that Dongfeng’s “combination boxing” frequently used overseas mergers and acquisitions is an important measure for implementing the “grand autonomy” strategy, gathering global advantageous resources and accelerating the building of independent innovation capabilities, indicating that the international expansion of Dongfeng has been accelerated.

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