CNC lathe safety technology operation process

1 The "General Rules" for safe metalworking technology must be observed.

2 Inspect the machine tools in strict accordance with the operating procedures.

3 The position of each button before making should meet the requirements of the knife map.

4 control panel. No items should be placed near the reader.

5 All electrical appliances. The line must be well insulated. The relay controlling the clamping device should be checked at any time to prevent the workpiece from throwing out.

6 Turn on the power box, turn on the regulator power supply, and check if the power supply voltage is normal.

7 Start the oil pump and let people check the tape to see if the displayed data meets the procedural requirements.

8 Press the pre-clear and pre-clear button and start the drive box.

9 In the event of a sudden power outage during work, the handle must be moved to the neutral position.

10 Pay attention to the position of the knife holder when controlling the manual input to prevent the tool holder from rotating or hitting the bed or workpiece.

11 Unqualified tape is strictly prohibited.

12 Do not touch the switch with wet hands. Motor and control circuit. At the end of the work, all circuits and power supplies are shut down in strict accordance with the operating procedures.

13 The original organic bed with additional numerical control device should remove the original handle or add insurance spring to avoid the sudden rotation and injury of the rotating components under the condition of numerical control and manual coexistence.

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