Chery's new generation of QQ offline

Chery's new generation of QQ offline

In the independent brand mini car, Chery QQ is definitely a classic. January 9, we also ushered in a new generation of QQ officially offline, compared to the old models, the appearance of the new QQ is more thorough, the interior is also a lot of fashion. It is reported that this car will be listed in March.

Chery QQ launched the market in 2003, so far "1000001 QQ off the assembly line" enough to prove that the model has been recognized by the market. More lovely appearance, 7 kinds of body colors, interior can be more than 20 kinds of DIY colors and other publicity points, indicating that the new QQ is still built around young groups.

For the new generation of QQ market expectations, Chery has also performed confidently. The factory said that Chery’s QQ series has occupied more than 40% of the market for mini-cars. It is expected that the monthly sales volume of the new QQ will exceed 5,000 units, and the sales target of 60,000 units will be impacted.

However, it can be predicted that the road after the listing of new QQ is not flat. In view of the gradual improvement of people’s living standards and the “scarce resources” of automobile licenses, the marginalization of small-displacement mini-vehicles is particularly evident in first-tier cities in China.

Relevant data show that in the first three quarters of 2012, the mini-car market showed a continuous negative growth trend. Market share is also not optimistic. From the beginning of 2012 to now, the market share of mini vehicles has dropped from 6.47% to 3.41%. The new QQ after the launch of the contrarian, and to achieve sales expectations, wait and see.

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