Changzhou once again cooperated with Jiuzhitang to sign 10 million bills

Jiuzhitang Co., Ltd. is a national key Chinese medicine company and a national key high-tech enterprise, and it is also the only company in Hunan Province that has three main indicators of its main business income, total assets, and total profit, all ranked among the top 100 pharmaceutical companies in China. Jiuzhitang Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and sales of blood preparations, replenishing series, hepatitis series and other traditional Chinese medicines as well as biological preparations that regulate human immunity.
With the completion of the Jiuzhitang Modern Technology Industrial Park project base, this year Jiuzhitang Company has signed horizontal fluidized bed, belt dryer, medicinal spray dryer and other equipment with Changzhou One-step Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. The total value of the equipment exceeds 10 million yuan.
The horizontal fluidized bed is a step-by-step company's independent research and development of equipment with independent intellectual property rights. Its technology is at the leading domestic level and meets GMP requirements. Its belt dryers, medicinal spray dryers and other equipment also have the advantages of high technical content, high degree of automation, and compliance with the requirements of GMP, which all provide technical assurance for the two companies to cooperate again.

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