Application of Remote Monitoring System on Large Diameter Water Meter

Abstract: This paper introduces the structure, composition and application effect of large-diameter water meter remote monitoring system. The system can monitor water usage in real time, identify water use problems in a timely manner, deal with non-matching problems of caliber and flow, etc., thereby reducing leakage, improving the efficiency and level of business management, and improving corporate customer service.

Keywords: Large-caliber water meter monitoring system of water supply companies With the continuous development of China's national economy and water supply business, the water supply companies have continuously increased the amount of water supply and water supply, and the water consumption measured by large-caliber water meters for large users or important users accounts for the total water supply. The proportion of volume is increasing. The application of water meter remote monitoring system [1-2] can help water companies grasp the law of water use of large users, further improve the level of management and service, and ensure the win-win of the company's revenue and customer interests.

1 System Overview 1.1 System Architecture The monitoring system uses the mobile platform's GPRS or SMS to transmit on-the-spot metered reading data. After the server receives the data, it unpacks it and passes it to the end user so that the user can perform data analysis and research.

1.2 Data Communication Mode 1 TCP/IP (GPRS): The lower machine is scheduled several times a day, or connected to the communication server in real time via GPRS, and exchanges data with the TCP/IP protocol.

2 SMS (SMS): The lower machine is scheduled twice a day (or N times), the data sent to the MODEM communication server (currently using this method).

1.3 Workstation software mode 1C/S mode: This mode requires installation procedures provided by the workstation installation system, including management tools and monitoring and analysis tools (this mode is currently used).

2B/S mode: In the WEB mode, the workstation does not need to install the client program, but it needs a browser with IE 6.0 or above, and the entire system needs a WEB server.

1.4 System Components Database: Provides data storage and data calculation programs; communication service programs: Data communication and data analysis with the lower computer and data exchange with the database; WEB service program: provide WEB applications, so that workstations can be monitored and analyzed in WEB mode; Monitoring Analysis and Scheduling Client: Provides functions such as monitoring, scheduling, analysis, reporting, etc.; management tools: Provides system initialization, system settings and system management functions.

2 The application of the application effect monitoring system is generally for large-caliber, large-scale water users.

2.1 Real-time monitoring of water usage Through on-line real-time monitoring of large-diameter water meters, users can understand the laws of water consumption in a timely manner, dynamically grasp the operation status of the water meter, and obtain the peak water use of the company.

2.2 The timely detection of water problems When abnormal problems occur with large-caliber water meters, the software platform at the control center of the monitoring system can be found in time (for example, the accumulated flow curve of an enterprise does not change, indicating that the water meter may be faulty), so that effective measures can be taken to control losses. In the smallest scope, reduce the leakage rate and increase the economic efficiency of water supply companies.

2.3 Finding Unmatched Water Meter Diameter and Flow Dosing The user's water usage changes from time to time. If the water consumption fails to meet the water meter design requirements, the water meter diameter and flow rate will not match. Each meter has its usual flow, demarcation flow, overload flow, and maximum and minimum flow. Generally, the error of the qualified water meter near the common flow is ±2%, and the error between the minimum flow and the demarcation flow is ±5%. The larger the caliber of the water meter, the greater the minimum flow rate and the demarcation flow. In the case of the minimum flow rate, the larger the error, see Table 1.
Table 1B Class Metering Water Meter Performance

The monthly manual reading method cannot be used to grasp the change of water quantity, and the data cannot be statistically analyzed. However, by installing the water meter monitoring system, the large-diameter water meter can be analyzed and tracked to find that the caliber does not match the flow rate. phenomenon. Through the intensive monitoring of the water consumption of the water meter and the flow analysis system of the lower computer program itself, it can be calculated whether the water meter is running in its common flow range for a long time. If it is not, then the water meter may have the problem that the caliber does not match the flow. Inaccurate metering.

For example, a school’s water meter caliber is 150mm. According to statistics, the total water consumption in July 2010 was 7537m3, the average daily water consumption was 243m3/d, and the average water consumption was 10m3/h, which was far lower than the water meter commonly used in this caliber. The flow rate is 150m3/h, which is a typical caliber and flow mismatch.

Through real-time monitoring and detection of problems, taking certain measures, such as using a composite meter or reducing the caliber, should be taken promptly in consideration of the fire-fighting water and pressure allowable range, so that the meter can work under normal flow.

2.4 Data Analysis Through the various statistics and comparison of data, combined with practical experience, according to the results obtained by software, professional analysis and judgment.

3 caliber matching and water meter selection Analysis and statistics of the flow data of the water meter and data analysis, the initial match of the export diameter, a graphical comparison of the water meter is not very suitable for some caliber is not a match, the flow rate and water meter technical parameters are not very suitable Analysis, the final choice of a technical parameter and the actual flow curve more appropriate water meter, proposed water meter selection recommendations. Analyze the analysis data, analysis conclusions, and selection suggestions to form a comprehensive report so as to have an overall understanding and understanding of the operation of the water meter, and to provide reference for further improving the management level of the table service.

4 Minimum night flow analysis When the user's detection water consumption exceeds a given minimum flow value during a certain period of time every day for a period of time, the daily water usage recorded by the meter is analyzed and analyzed, and the daily time-shared water volume map and data are also analyzed. For example, an enterprise's water consumption from 0 to 5 o'clock exceeds 100m3/h, but after verification, the company is found to be a day-to-day work enterprise, and the data may initially determine that there is a possibility of leakage in the water supply network of the enterprise.

5 The next step in the use of ideas Through the use of a stage, the system has accumulated a wealth of experience in the structure, operating conditions, maintenance, data collection, background analysis and application, and alarm disposal. The system is stable in operation. Once abnormal conditions such as the user dialing the water meter and the leakage of the pipe network are found, they can be detected and disposed of in time.

In order to make better use of this system, and to provide service for the inspection and management of leakage of production and sales, prevention of illegal use of water, etc., the next step is to prepare for the following tasks:

1 Improve staffing and configuration, establish special working groups, and strengthen work.

2 Further analyze the users of large-diameter water meters, select the monitored water meter objects according to different types and needs, thereby strengthening the management of large-volume users in marketing.

3 Further intensify the training, make full use of the existing software functions, maximize the benefits, and expand the background analysis function in due course according to actual work requirements.

4 Monitor a large amount of arrears, especially the general rural table, analyze the law of water consumption, and promptly remind the user of maintenance once leakage of the pipeline is found, provide users with quality services, and promote the recovery of water charges.

5 To provide basis for further finding out and reducing the causes of the formation of poor production and sales.

6 The use of matching water meters will play a role in rationally reducing the use of water meters and management costs.

6 Conclusion The remote monitoring system provides tight and continuous data for water supply companies to conduct statistical analysis of water consumption, and provides an information platform for the management of large users or important users of water supply enterprises, which improves the overall management level of the company and enhances the corporate image. At the same time, an information-based communication channel has been established between the water supply enterprises and users, and the quick and efficient disposal capabilities have ensured the utmost of the interests of users and laid the foundation for the change of the meter reading management model in the future.


[1]Hu Qinghong,Chen Yajie,Xing Yi.Application of Remote Water Meter System in Modern Building[J].Control Engineering,2005,12(3):258-259,262.

[2] Li Suojun, Dai Wei. Application of large-scale remote monitoring real-time monitoring system in water division management and metering [J]. Automation Expo, 2010, 27(7):86-88

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