2019 Silk Road Rally: Fukuda Cummins this powerhouse is coming again!

As a strong force in the Silk Road Rally, Foton Cummins once again launched the "2019 Silk Road Rally" journey. This is also the second gift of Futian Cummins after Cummins' 100-year tour of Beijing.

On July 4, 2019, the Futian Cummins Off-Road Rally Team kicked off the ceremony. This is the fourth time that Foton Cummins appeared on the Silk Road Rally. In this competition, Futian Tulu, who is equipped with Foton Cummins ISF Power, will launch a 10-day, 5,000-kilometer journey as a participating vehicle. At the same time, Foton Ouma will provide protection for the team as a support vehicle.

Fukuda Cummins Cross Country Rally Team 2019 Silk Road Rally Fukuda Cummins Cross Country Rally Team 2019 Silk Road Rally

Founded in 2009, the Silk Road International Rally is one of the world's most famous high-end cross-country events. The Silk Road Rally starts from Irkutsk and passes through Baikalsk, Ulan-Ude, Ulaanbaatar, Mandal Gobi, Dharazadad, Bayinbaolig, Alxa League. Jiayuguan, ending in Dunhuang, consists of 10 stages, crossing Russia, Mongolia and China. The track includes Gobi, desert, flying stones, sand dunes.... The test of the road conditions can be imagined.

Competition route Competition route

However, for Fukuda Cummins, the more difficult the test, the more able to reflect the brand and product advantages of Foton Cummins.

Fu Jian Cummins Deputy General Manager Hu Jianhua and Foton Cummins Market Director Wang Hongzhong said at the scene: "The Silk Road Rally was launched in response to the national 'One Belt, One Road' strategy. Foton Cummins will also enhance the brand's influence in Russia and China through the event. At the same time, the brand building of Foton Cummins overseas is carried out."

Futian Cummins Deputy General Manager Hu Jianhua attended the flag-raising ceremony Futian Cummins Deputy General Manager Hu Jianhua (left) participated in the flag-raising ceremony

According to the China Truck Network reporter, the race car of the Futian Cummins off-road rally team is the Fukuda Turbo Pilot, and the engine is Futian Cummins ISF2.8. According to the person in charge of Foton Cummins, "The Futian Tulu who was selected for this competition has just completed the FIA's T2 model certification. Before that, there was no domestically-owned brand pickup truck to enter the FIA ​​certification." Visible, Futian Tuo The product performance of the landlord pickup has been recognized by international standards.

Fukuda lander with Futian Cummins ISF2.8 power Fukuda lander with Futian Cummins ISF2.8 power

As the power match of the car, the Foton Cummins ISF2.8 engine is always driving the power for the Foton Cummins off-road rally team. The reporter learned on the spot that the ISF2.8 engine carried by this car is the original machine of Foton Cummins. It has not been modified except for the basic adjustment. The engine can output 160kW power, and the engine adopts integral cylinder and cylinder. The design of the cover and the like provide a great guarantee for the poor performance of the product.

"We just want to compete with the competitive engine with our mass-produced engine under the extreme conditions of the event," said Futian Cummins.

Group photo of Futian Cummins team runners and pilots Group photo of Futian Cummins team runners and pilots
Foton Ouma can be used as a guarantee vehicle Foton Ouma can be used as a guarantee vehicle

Since 2016, Foton Cummins has joined the Silk Road Rally. In the past three sessions, Foton Cummins has achieved excellent results. This year's Silk Road Rally, Fukuda Cummins off-road rally team once again started the journey of the war, will the team have the honor to triumph? Perhaps the words of the racer have given the answer: "If you don't want to take the first place, you will not come to this game. !"

Reading volume: Source: Chinese network of truck: Wu Yi

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