2013 Guangzhou Food Machinery Exhibition CMPE and other three exhibitions together practice C + + strategy

In 2012, CMPE undertaker Guangzhou Fuya Exhibition Co., Ltd. complied with the dynamics of market demand, and put forward “C+” (also referred to as “2+”, hereinafter referred to as “2+”) at the micro level in order to promote the win-win of the industrial chain in the context of macroeconomic optimism. C+”) strategy. Economic benefits are recognized by relevant local government agencies, exhibitors, buyers, visitors, and the media.

On December 21, 2012, the CMPE2013 Organizing Committee summed up its experience and reached a strategic cooperation with CIFE2013 and WINEXPO2013 and decided to hold the three major exhibitions of CMPE2013, CIFE2013, and WINEXPO2013 in the same period. This is “C+”. According to the person in charge of the Guangzhou Fuya Exhibition Co., Ltd., the proponent of the “C+” strategy, the core of C+ has two aspects:

The first is to solve the one-stop trading cooperation platform. The biggest purpose of buyers visiting the exhibition is to find product suppliers or understand market trends. Therefore, the scale of the exhibition includes the number of exhibitors, exhibition area, pre-show promotion, professional forums, exhibitors and buyers. Satisfactory trials and other key indexes are the evaluation criteria for the quality of each exhibition. The CMPE and CIFE (the international food industry exhibition that the Ministry of Commerce mainly supports and guides), together with WINEXPO, have combined their advantages to jointly create a food industry event. This is a good news for the Chinese food industry and the progress of China's industry exhibitions.

The second is to implement the business culture of the “Maximization of Exhibitors' Benefits” at the Fauya Exhibition. The Fukuya Exhibition has always followed the principle of acting. The C+ proposal is the best example.

It is reported that the third CMPE has exhibited more than 350 domestic and foreign companies, and the transaction volume has exceeded 200 million yuan. The third CMPE post-show report analysis complete report download: http://Cn/Server/index/id/22.

The joint efforts of the three major exhibitions will surely exert the effect of one plus one and three, expand the synergy scale of the exhibition, reduce the cost of exhibitors, broaden the effective scope of the professional visitors at the same period, and form the concept and effect of the comprehensive exhibition of the industry, thus enhancing the exhibition The overall image has doubled the effect of exhibitors' participation.

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