The phenomenon must be cut off the star single product Sixi Shaomai is the star product of the adjacent kitchen. The lower part is a transparent dough with fillings. The upper part has four pocket-like mouths that are exposed after the wrapping. Each small mouth has specifications of diff
Recently, Zhang Wanyou, the general manager of Shuangqin Group, talked wittyly about one thing at the China Rubber Industry Association: He called a friend and said that he had come to Dongying and thought of Dawang (town) as a friend. The friend’s reply was: “You don’t g
Do you have seen the agitated electric blast drying oven? In order to dry the goods, all the electric blast drying ovens that stir their own efforts are really respected. However, the electric blast drying oven is also divided into desktop and vertical type. This is because the vertical electric b
On the morning of August 10th, the first batch of 50 “black taxis” from London, the UK’s public concern, formally launched their operations. This is the first time that Nanjing’s new “London Taxi” debuted this year and became a major street in Nanjing.
In Guangdong, Hualing car has an extremely high amount of ownership, and the market is relatively mature. As the engine independently developed and produced by Hualing, Hanma Power naturally takes the lead in launching the Guangdong market. It is understood that Guangdong currently owns near