In terms of urban road lighting, LED lighting technology can use its high controllability and high stability to serve it, select the appropriate color temperature and light distribution according to the current environmental conditions, improve the night city road lighting effect, and meet the psych
In the mineral dressing process apparatus, mainly aluminum ore output in two forms: one crystal integrity, fine inclusions was slightly brown iron ore disseminated in or along the edge of the mosaic limonite, mainly boehmite (gibbsite and diaspore), the granules are 10~50μm, and their X-ray energ
Reporter Huang Xin On January 17, Ericsson introduced a wireless small cell product, the 5G wireless point system. This product supports the new 5G mid-frequency band (3-5GHz) at speeds up to 2Gbps. Zhang Zhiwei, chief marketing officer of Ericsson Northeast Asia, frankly stated that the new produc
As a hot-selling model, the Revo FL950H is a long-wheelbase product developed on the basis of FL956H. It is suitable for medium and heavy working conditions and has both stability and flexibility. Shandong Newels International Co., Ltd ,